Workforce Development

Workforce Development programs are influential in supporting robust economies and producing a high-quality workforce valued by employers. At Passage Home the Workforce Development program is intended to provide services that help individuals enter and advance in the workplace, through job placement assistance, training and education, and assist employers with recruitment and training opportunities.


$ amount in scholarships provided for job training courses in FY 2019


Industry Recognized Certifications


Percentage of employed who maintained job for 90+ days

The exponential increase in Wake County’s population has created additional workforce needs and demands in key sector industries. Industries such as Culinary, Highway Workers (DOT), Warehouse Logistics, HVAC, Guest Room Attendants, and other industries that help support the infrastructure of the community.

Through established relationships with participants, employers, state and local training providers, and community partnerships we can provide trainings that lead to industry recognized certificates and ensure adequate skills and preparation for the workforce. Along with credentials, eligible participants can also receive housing stability and life skills case management services.

We currently are looking to expand in high demand industries sectors as well as continue to build workforce collaborations with community partners in an effort to bring additional workforce training to Wake County.

If you are interested in advancing your educational or employment career or looking for a new partnership opportunity with Passage Home, please contact Darren Moore.