Our Services

All of Passage Home’s program goals are to create self-sufficiency for our clients and families. 

Self-Sufficiency–as defined by Passage Home–is an adult’s ability to maintain a budget that meets all of their and their families basic needs without short-term assistance from any outside parties and a child’s ability to have all of their basic needs met so they are able to develop through age-appropriate milestones.  Passage Home’s programs are designed to treat each client (family or single) individually and holistically. Each client receives at least one dedicated Case Manager (possibly more if both adult and child(ren)) are enrolled in a Passage Home program. 

The cycle of poverty is vicious, unrelenting, and impacts everyone in its vicinity. For many, the cycle of poverty begins with the cycle of trauma. Trauma can take many faces. Trauma could be an abusive household. Trauma could be an unsafe neighborhood. Trauma could be unstable housing. Trauma can be food insecurity. Trauma could be unreliable employment. Trauma can appear different to different people.

The one thing all trauma has in common is that it consumes all of your physical and mental resources. Your focus becomes your immediate needs: safety, nourishment, shelter, etc. And rightfully so.

With all of one’s bandwidth focused on basic needs, you become unable to look for better work or better-paying work, concentrate in school or training, seek out resources—keeping you entrenched in this cycle of trauma. It is this cycle that leads to the better-known cycle of poverty.

Passage Home looks to break the cycle of trauma and poverty for our clients through a plethora of interventions and supports focused on creating stability and security, setting and achieving long-term goals, and addressing the Social Determinants of Health within our communities.

The following is a list of our current open programs

Children and Parent Support

Parenting is challenging. Being a child and navigating this world is not much easier. Either way, Passage Home is here to help. If you, your child, or if you know someone who could use additional support, we’re here for you.

If your child is struggling in any aspect in life (academically, socially, emotionally, physically, etc.) or if you need help navigating the different stages of your child’s life—age 0-18—please complete this referral form. Someone from the Passage Home team will get back to you within two business days.

Job Training and Employment

Passage Home adult case managers support our clients in all aspects of their employment journey.

From resume writing to job search, to skill development, to job retention—we have a program for you.

Passage Home offers full scholarships to comprehensive job training programs. Program participants earn certification to show that they have specific skills or knowledge in an occupation, industry, or technology.

A partial list of classes can be found here If you are interested in this program, please complete an applicant screening form.

Housing/Rental Assistance

While Passage Home does help with housing and rent payments, the majority of our clients must be referred to us through our community coordinated entry system via the Access Hub

If you are experiencing homelessness or a housing crisis, please contact the Access Hub at (919) 443-0096 or email AH@partnershipwake.org to be connected with Access Hub.

All program participants must live in Wake County and meet grant-related income qualifications.