Passage Home seeks to understand societal and community issues that entrench individuals and families in the cycle of poverty. Much of what causes entrenched poverty can be attributed to an uneven distribution of community resources including quality housing, access to healthy food, access to healthcare, access to mass transportation, access to community play space, etc..

Passage Home employs two distinct strategies to mitigate the impacts of poverty for current generations and to end the cycle of poverty for future generations.

MICRO: Passage Home utilizes a holistic one-on-one case-management approach throughout Wake County to impact families. We work directly with the families to identify barriers to self-sufficiency and work collaboratively to create a strength-based plan to achieve self-sufficiency. Our comprehensive approach stabilizes housing, improves life- and soft-skills, advances education and job training, subsidizes childcare and transportation, decreases the impact of food insecurity, and addresses other areas of insufficiency.

MACRO: As South Park Raleigh gentrifies, Passage Home is making sure that this historic neighborhood is not displaced and replaced. Over the next several years, Passage Home will partner to build 300 units of mixed-income housing in South Park and grow our programmatic foot-print to make sure residents are not forced out and the community becomes diverse and thriving.

Since 2000, 49 of America’s 50 largest cities—including Raleigh—have become more economically and racially segregated, leading to a continued inequity in access to opportunity. Passage Home—through our community re-development efforts—is creating the new urban-American ideal community that is economically, racially, and culturally diverse, where families live, work, and learn together and all have the opportunity of upward mobility.

Once we stabilize the neighborhood and prove that all communities benefit from multi-level diversity, we’ll replicate our efforts in other communities in Wake County and continue to scale as needed.