REACH (Children and Youth)

REACH (Resilience, Empowerment, Access for Children Experiencing Homelessness)

Trauma and toxic stress in children experiencing homelessness can result in neural changes that play a role in poor lifetime health as well as economic and social outcomes. Lack of early identification and intervention that builds resilience and mitigates trauma decreases their ability to thrive. To counter the impact of homelessness, Passage Home created REACH.



  • Services are provided for children ages 0-18 and expectant mothers living near or below the poverty level in Wake County.


  • Assess for developmental and socio-emotional concerns through screenings and psychosocial assessments.
  • Connect clients to community resources that provide the support they need.
  • Assess the child after intervention and work with the family and parents to understand the impact the initial connection.
  • Communicate with community partners the services provided to the family to decrease duplication and provide comprhensive services.

“REACH helps with mental health, development and schooling. They were there for me and my family and I’ve seen positive change since I started working with them. They helped me with mental health therapy and medication management. They also helped with bus passes to transport my family. They help set up my children for success and they know that mental health is important for my children’s home life and their future.”

Tonya–Mother of Two