REACH (Children and Youth)

REACH (Resilience, Empowerment, Access for Children Experiencing Homelessness)

Trauma and toxic stress in children experiencing homelessness can result in neural changes that play a role in poor lifetime health as well as economic and social outcomes. Lack of early identification and intervention that builds resilience and mitigates trauma decreases their ability to thrive.
To counter the impact of homelessness, Passage Home created REACH. created by Jeremy Fisher
“REACH helps with mental health, development and schooling. They were there for me and my family and I’ve seen positive change since I started working with them. They helped me with mental health therapy and medication management. They also helped with bus passes to transport my family. They help set up my children for success and they know that mental health is important for my children’s home life and their future.” – Tonya, mother of two.


Who do we serve?
    • REACH Case Managers work with children and their families who are living in hotels, motels, doubled-up, in cars. Referrals are received from community partners.
    • Services are provided for children ages 0-18 but children ages 0-5, expectant mothers, and expectant teen mothers are prioritized.
What do we do?
    • Identify children experiencing homelessness throughout our county.
    • Assess for developmental and socio-emotional concerns through screenings and psychosocial assessments for all children to better understand their needs.
    • Connect clients to community resources that provide:
      • Connect mental/medical health, educational, developmental, and housing services for children and their families
      • Connect families to reproductive health care, family planning and prenatal care services such as WIC, OB/GYNs, and home visiting services.
      • Connect families to medical homes and non-emergency care centers.
    • Follow-up on all referred services for a minimum of one year.
    • Connect families to medical homes and non-emergency care centers.
    • Provide educational advocacy by attending meetings with teachers and school social workers to provide educational advocacy to support the student in school.
    • Integrate services with Passage Home creating a multi-generational pipeline for access to services starting in infancy and continuing through adulthood. Services include childcare, tutoring, summer camp and afterschool care, job training opportunities and housing.
Program Services include:
  • Motel Connect which utilizes volunteers to deliver food to target population living in motels and hotels, providing much-needed nutrition and subsidizing their grocery budget.
  • Promoting Trauma-informed Care through out the region and conducting training and workshops targeting affinity agency’s specific needs.
  • Coordinating a monthly support group called Parents Building Support Together for parents to discuss issues such as parenting concerns, bullying, self-care and motivation, isolation and depression. Parents meet separately from children who participate in similar activities simultaneously with dinner provided.
  • Peas in a Pod which provides donated baby items for newborns and pregnant mothers.
Staff: Jennifer Tisdale – REACH Coordinator Joy Guha – REACH Specialist Sha’Tyra Pinder – REACH Case Manager