Workforce Development

Wake County’s economy is booming.

The increase in population has created additional workforce needs in the service industry and other industries that support the infrastructure of the community and make it tick.

Passage Home’s Workforce Development Department works directly with participants, local employers, and trainers to ensure adequate skills and preparation for the workforce. While enrolled, clients receive case-management focused on housing stability and life skills development.

We currently offer Hotel Guest Services, Highway Worker, and Culinary Arts training.  All trainings lead to industry-recognized certificates and employable skills.  We couple these classes with our BOOST program which improves soft- and life-skills. All of our programming is offered at our headquarters in South Park with additional classes held throughout the county.

We looking to expand in Warehouse Logistics and look to collaborate with community partners to bring additional workforce training to Wake County.

If you are interested in applying for one of our classes or want to form a collaboration, please contact Iman-N-Lah Rasheed.