As Wake County’s Community Action Agency, we’re expected to focus on family self-sufficiency and youth development. Fortunately, we’ve been doing that all along so we’re just “gonna keep on keeping on.”

Family Self-Sufficiency

Our approach to family self-sufficiency is simple. We treat the family as a unit and don’t tackle one issue without considering others that may be directly or indirectly related. That means if we’re going to help kids with their homework, we’re going to provide their parents with opportunities to gain financial literacy. If we’re going to provide meals for families, we’re going to connect them to community gardens in their neighborhoods so they can grow and cook their own food. And if we’re going to provide housing for families, we’re going to help parents find jobs so they can eventually pay their rent and utilities.

It’s called addressing the whole issue, not just a piece of it.

We think our impact in 2015 speaks for itself:


Click here to see our 2015-2016 Annual Report

To learn more about family self-sufficiency at Passage Home, you can email us for more information. For more information on our individual programs, continue exploring our website.

Youth Development

If we want our world to change, we must empower and develop our children. They’re the best hope we have for lasting change! After all, today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. That’s why we place a large emphasis on the care, education and maturation of our youth. And we don’t just stop providing programs once they become teenagers. We see them all the way through their high school education (and hopefully to college if those aspirations are present).

To learn more about our youth development efforts, click to expand the list below:

Most of our kids don’t have anywhere to go after school to be built up. This program provides a thriving environment for children ages 5-12 to receive tutoring, mentoring and enjoy recreational activities. Each kid is provided with after-school snacks and access to our computer lab.
Once our kids reach 13 years old, they can become a Counselor in Training to help run our after-school program. We do this to empower their leadership skills and help them realize the value of giving back.
If families are in our transitional housing program, we’ll connect their children with a college-aged mentor and give them access to special enrichment field trips aimed at bolstering their development.
Need help on math, reading and writing? We’ve got that covered through this academic booster program.
Kids ages 5-17 are given a quality camp experience in their own community. While the camp features sports, games, field trips and team-building activities, it’s also focused on character development.

To learn more about any of the programs listed above, contact us for more information.