Leadership Team

Seth Friedman
(P) 919.834.0666 x224
(E) sfriedman@passagehome.org

Lisa Crosslin
Chief Program Officer
(P) 919.834.0666 x226
(E) lcrosslin@passagehome.org

Ahmond Reid
Director of Property Management
(P) 919.834.0666 x231
(E) areid@passagehome.org

Amie Sahor
Director of Finance
(P) 919.834.0666 x240
(E) asahor@passagehome.org

Finance, Administrative, & Property Staff

Rodney Rivers
Employment & Job Training Coordinator
(P) 919.834.0666 x252
(E)  rrivers@passagehome.org

Jamie Graham
CSBG Compliance Officer
(P) 919.834.0666 x222
(E) jgraham@passagehome.org

Wendy Rowland
Accounts Payable Specialist
(P) 919.834.0666 x234
(E) wrowland@passagehome.org

Kim Spivey
Accounting Assistant
(P) 919.834.0666 x223
(E) kspivey@passagehome.org

Terrie Johnson
Intake & Housing Coordinator
(P) 919.834.0666 x235
(E) tjohnson@passagehome.org

Brittany Westmoreland
Volunteer & Donations Coordinator
(P) 919.834.0666 x241
(E) bwestmoreland@passagehome.org

Iman-N-lah Rasheed
Employment & Edu Services Manager
(P) 919.834.0666 x257
(E) irasheed@passagehome.org

Jarvis Jones
IT & Communications Coordinator
(P) 919.834.0666 x218
(E) jjones@passagehome.org

Rashad Reed
Urban Agriculture Coordinator
(P) 919.834.0666 x258
(E) rreed@passagehome.org

Bridget Mcneill
Intake Assistant
(P) 919.834.0666 x244
(E) bmcneill@passagehome.org

Marvin Platt
Service Technician
(P) 919.834.0666
(E) mplatt@passagehome.org

Youth Development Staff

Jamie Pennington
Youth Outreach Specialist
(P) 919.834.0666 x251
(E) jpennington@passagehome.org

Jenn Tisdale
REACH Coordinator
(P) 919.834.0666 x215
(E) jtisdale@passagehome.org

Sha’Tyra Pinder
Reach Case Manager
(P) 919.834.0666 x219
(E) spinder@passagehome.org

Case Management Staff

Kristi Page
Self-Sufficiency Supervisor                             
(P) 919.834.0666 x253
(E) kpage@passagehome.org

Cynthia Laws-Davis                                      
Lead Case Manager
(P) 919.834.0666 x262
(E) claws@passagehome.org

Debbie Tann
Case Manager
(P) 919.834.0666 x220
(E) dtann@passagehome.org

Donna Turner
Case Manager
(P) 919.834.0666 x221
(E) dturner@passagehome.org

Ann Marshall
Outreach Specialist – Cook
P) 919.834.0666 x261
(E) amarshall@passagehome.org

April Hansley
Data Intake Worker
(P) 919.834.0666 x236
(E) ahansley@passagehome.org

Veteran Services Staff

Genean Hill
Lead Case Manager
(P) 919.834.0666 x265
(E) ghill@passagehome.org

Lakeisha Leftwich
Case Manager for Veteran Services
(P) 919.834.0666 x260
(E) lleftwich@passagehome.org

Eastern Wake Staff

Alicia Romero
Case Manager
(P) 919.834.0666 x238
(E) aromero@passagehome.org

Shienacey Pair
Case Manager
(P) 919.834.0666 x237
(E) spair@passagehome.org

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